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Ipswich Nature Centre

About Ipswich Nature Centre

Discover the wonders of Queens Park in Ipswich and encounter native wildlife at its Nature Centre. For over 80 years, visitors have been enchanted by this gorgeous setting – with ample play areas for children to explore and plentiful gardens that delight all ages. Entry is free but a small gold coin donation can help ensure these beloved animals continue to thrive in their home!

Explore the wonders of Australia’s wildlife and lush landscape at Ipswich Nature Centre. This interactive hub is located in Queens Park and features local bushland exhibits to spark your curiosity. Admission is free though a donation towards animal care or facility improvement would be warmly appreciated. Be sure to pre-book group visits one month prior!

Ipswich Nature Park

What to do at Ipswich Nature Centre

Ipswich Nature Centre invites visitors to discover the incredible Australian wildlife and lush greenery of Queens Park. With free entry, guests can explore hand-crafted exhibits that recreate the local bushland ecosystem while making a difference with a small donation. For schools or large groups, one month’s advanced notice is kindly requested for booking purposes – so come pay us a visit soon!

Take a stroll through Ipswich Nature Centre and discover nature’s beauty. Help us nurture the habitats of local birds and animals – no feeding, picnicking (no food or drink), smoking or entering their enclosures, please! Wheelchair access is available for all visitors to experience this wonderful sanctuary. Accompany your little ones at all times as they explore around you – it promises to be an educational treat for everyone involved!

Venture into the nature centre for an engaging, educational adventure! As you enter the grounds, make use of the provided map but be sure to take a scenic anti-clockwise path. Along this journey lies special signage with Indigenous names and stories from Australian animals – perfect for curious Brisbane Kids. Plus, each poster offers braille, immersive learning at its best!

Queens Park

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Name: Total Concrete Ipswich

Address: 5 Turley St, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

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