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Ipswich Art Gallery

About Ipswich Art Gallery

With the grand launch of Ipswich Art Gallery in 1951, a new chapter was written for art enthusiasts to explore and celebrate its beauty. After more than three decades, this beloved destination relocated in 1980 with an added bonus: it gained its first professional director! In 1999, after extensive consideration by the local community and generous donations from The Ipswich Arts Foundation, the gallery made yet another move back into beautiful Town Hall – completely restored just like before.

Ipswich Art Gallery is the pulse of art and heritage in the community. This dynamic cultural centre brings together an array of art exhibitions, social displays, workshops, performances and family-friendly activities. We strive to create meaningful experiences for people from all walks of life, engaging them with diverse contemporary practices while preserving our unique local history.

Visit Ipswich and experience the award-winning arts destination of Queensland. An iconic heritage building in the Central Business District is home to over 2,000 works that span local pieces alongside some of Australia’s most renowned artists, including Margaret Olley, Ben Quilty and William Robinson. With ever-changing exhibitions and convenient workshops and displays on offer – it’s not only a haven for art admirers but also provides an intriguing insight into social history! Don’t miss out on this must-see location when visiting the Ipswich area; you won’t be disappointed with what the “Art Gallery” offers.

Ipswich Art Gallery

What to do at Ipswich Art Gallery

Kids and art go hand-in-hand at Ipswich Art Gallery! We strive to foster meaningful interactions with the creative world, enabling youngsters to explore their imaginations. Through our guided principles, we provide young minds with an opportunity for exploration and self-expression – facilitating lifelong relationships with art along the way!

Our Gallery strives to make the art world accessible for everyone, from youths discovering their creative side to experienced gallery-goers. We work hard to curate meaningful exhibitions that appeal to and connect with all audiences: no matter someone’s familiarity or age level – we want them included in our artistic journey! At its core, our program is designed as a gateway towards lifelong relationships through welcoming experiences combined with inventive programming tailored specifically for families and young professionals alike.

Ipswich Art

One local company in Ipswich which is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Total Concrete Ipswich

Address: 5 Turley St, Ipswich QLD 4305

Telephone: (04) 8209 4228