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Nerima Gardens | Ipswich

About Nerima Gardens | Ipswich

Enjoy a peaceful escape and explore the beauty of nature at Nerima Gardens, situated in Ipswich’s gorgeous Queens Park. This tranquil haven is inspired by Japanese culture to honour its sister city – Nerima. After visiting this beautiful oasis, prolong your visit with other exciting attractions throughout the park!

Enjoy a tranquil experience in Queens Park with the perfect Japanese garden. Carefully designed to reflect Ipswich’s topography, one can explore winding paths lined with fir trees and Australian natives while crossing picturesque bridges over babbling streams. The design was crafted collaboratively between our local park and Nerima Tokyo – Ipswich’s sister city—and is truly a sight of splendour!

Nerima Gardeners

What to do at Nerima Gardens | Ipswich

Immerse your senses in a tranquil retreat of winding paths, native plants and streams. Visiting the picture-perfect self-contained gardens behind Ipswich’s historic caretaker’s cottage is an experience unlike any other; explore fir trees indigenous to the area as you make your way down boardwalks over an ornamental lake before arriving at the traditional Japanese Tea House for a memorable Tea Ceremony organised regularly by the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre. Revel in serenity here amidst constant running water – not only with eyes but also with ears!

At Nerima Gardens, visitors are taken on a special voyage of exploration. As you wander this stunning haven and take in lush vegetation and tranquil river meanderings at the top section, gaze further down to enjoy Moreton Bay’s seascape from the lower area. Not only is it rewarding for nature lovers, but it also offers activities with its playgrounds plus Ipswich Nature Centre, Queens Park Café and Environmental Education Centre – all within close proximity!

Nerima Gardens offers a captivating experience for all visitors, with carefully tended landscaping and abundant wildlife. As you stroll through the grounds, take delight in observing water dragons, turtles, birds and fish within their natural habitat – or simply relax on one of its many benches to ponder life’s simple pleasures.

Nerima - Ipswich

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Name: Total Concrete Ipswich

Address: 5 Turley St, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

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