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Bob Gamble Park

About Bob Gamble Park

Ipswich has transformed its riverfront into a haven of outdoor activities and entertainment with the addition of Bob Gamble Park. Completely revamped, this park boasts an array of features that are sure to keep everyone in your family entertained – from zero-depth water parks for splashing around to bike pathways and balance beams perfect for aspiring Tarzans or budding explorers! The Discovery Forest also provides adventurers with a chance to cross bridges over creek beds while playing on wooden totem poles, swings and more. So why not take advantage of all these offerings today?

On October 14, 2012, Bob Gamble Park was officially re-dedicated, and River Heart Parklands Stage 2 opened to the public. Ipswich residents can now enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with this state-of-the-art park showcasing features such as zero-depth water play areas, extensive playgrounds including a spider web style climbing frame and 25-meter flying fox, plus Discovery Forest where visitors will discover unique elements like forts, carved wooden totems balance beams. A new boardwalk allows people to take in views of the Bremer river from an entirely different perspective – offering walkers, joggers cyclists; the perfect opportunity to explore nature while getting some exercise!

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What to do at Bob Gamble Park

Ipswich has embraced its river, transforming once-forgotten waterfront areas into the picturesque River Heart Parklands. Enjoy a fun-filled day out with family and friends while fueling up on picnic foods in between activities. Unwind after an action-packed afternoon of exploring at one of the well-maintained shower & toilet facilities throughout Bob Gamble Park – ensuring you have all your creature comforts for a truly enjoyable experience!

Looking for a fun-filled and cool day out? Bob Gamble Park is the perfect spot – boasting ample shade sails, you can keep your little ones entertained with an exciting zero-depth water park ideal for splashing around in. Kids can also enjoy play equipment such as a climbing spider and 25 metres of flying fox ‘Tarzan’ adventure! There are swings to suit toddlers, up to ‘log’ rope rides that kids of all ages will love!

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One local company in Ipswich that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Total Concrete Ipswich

Address: 5 Turley St, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

Telephone: (04) 8209 4228